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Best tools in human resource management
The Cortex HR Manager provides best tools in human resource management to attract and retain top talents by identifying the best applicants, and staying on top of every hiring situation. Among the general features expected from the software are:

  • Although, the software has two main modules (Payroll and HRM) they are seamlessly integrated and can run separately.
  • The database is able to grow with volume of data of the company.
  • The system has flexible reporting options: printer selection, option to paper selection, option to print output to -screen, printer, excel, email, etc.
  • Supports standalone and network environments (WAN and LAN)
  • High Speed Processing and Search Engine- facility to search for information by Employee ID and Employee Name
  • In addition, the software has the Highest Security Access:
    • User Menu Security: The software has a facility that enables the administrator to set roles and restrictions for individual users (access to functionalities and information is be controlled by the user menu security).
    • Change Password:Individual users are able to change (amend) their passwords. All passwords are encrypted.
    • High Security Login: User identification, User Password Access and User Activity trail.

This software is a complete Personnel Management system with facilities for managing all employee information, managing employee leave with automatic updating; have as many leave types as possible, track disciplinary action per employee, handle absenteeism, employee transfers, duty reporting from leave, employee appraisal, medical, training and development etc. Specifically the following sub- modules are available:
  • HR Planning
  • Educational Background (Part of EPI)
  • Separation
  • Recruitment Processing
  • Personnel Administration
  • Health & Safety
  • Employee Personal Information (EPI)